"Garry Greenberg handled my divorce and has been my personal and business attorney for over 10 years. The level of professionalism and strength he exhibits in and out of court has been a refreshing relief to me during times of great stress. His attention to detail saved me thousands of dollars and he has consistently exceeded my expectations in every regard. I’m more confident in business and in life knowing I have a strong attorney on my side. I have referred Garry to family and friends over the years and feedback from doing so was all positive. I will continue to recommend Garry."
"L.A.", West Bloomfield, MI

Garry helped me get through a difficult divorce and ensure that I maintained custody of my kids. As an attorney myself, I appreciated the time and personal attention he took to represent my interests and carefully plan our action during the divorce. We worked together closely to get the best result for me and my kids. I also appreciated that he considered issues that might arise in the future, so that we were prepared to handle those issues after the divorce process was completed. Issues did arise later and we were prepared. I have continued to contact Garry whenever issues have arisen for me and I have referred friends and family to him because I know he will represent them as well as he represented me. I wouldn’t consider anyone else that has to deal with a divorce.
 "M.W.", Commerce Twp., MI

I met Garry after my husband filed for divorce. I wasn’t married for a long time and my ex-husband made me believe that I wasn’t entitled to anything from the marriage. I was willing to sign off on the divorce and just move on with my life, but Garry informed me of my rights and advised me that he believed that there was some property that should be divided. I was scared, but I trusted Garry’s advice and we discovered that there was a large retirement plan that I didn’t know about and that I was entitled to share that retirement plan. It would have been a big mistake if I hadn’t followed Garry’s advice. I appreciate that he took the time to educate me about my rights. I have referred friends to Garry.
"M.S.", Northville, MI

 Garry Greenberg handled my divorce ten years ago. He was a total stranger when I first met him, but I came away from that meeting feeling like I found a friend... and a lifeline. He was calm, reassuring, patient and steady despite the fact that I was an emotional basket case. But the quality that stands out the most was that Garry listened and actually understood what I was trying to say when I didn't even understand it myself. He guided me throughout the procedure without pushing me in a direction I didn't want to go. Since then, I've gone to Garry for many other legal issues and he has helped me with the same kindness and consideration. Garry Greenberg is truly an attorney you can trust.
"K.K.", Berkley, MI

Garry Greenberg’s professional yet personable approach caused me to relax and know he was the "right" lawyer to handle my situation. His legal counsel has never led me in the wrong direction. It may not always be pleasant to hear, but always necessary and right on target. He handles himself in court in a respectful and professional way. I cannot even fathom where my life would be if not for the outstanding counsel of Mr. Greenberg.
My first experience with Mr. Greenberg's services was for a criminal matter and his combined expertise and knowledge granted me the peace I needed, knowing if there was one mistep, I could have ended up in a very dangerous place. He made insightful comments and brought important information to light that helped me with my case in enormous ways. The second occasion I required use of his excellent legal counsel was with a family law problem. Once again he was "on point", very knowledgeable and reassuring. He explained the things I needed to know in layman’s terms without sounding arrogant or demeaning.
Needless to say both sets of cases turned out very well for me, and I give credit to Mr. Garry Greenberg's experience in the courtroom, detailed knowledge of applicable laws, and caring yet professional mannerisms for these successes. If I ever have need of his counsel again, there would be no hesitation. I would go so far as to recommend him to any family member or friend."
"D.H.", Warren, MI

I retained Mr. Greenberg over ten years ago to represent me for my divorce. Since then, he has been there to support me through various post-divorce matters. Even today, Garry is helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, courteous, and kind.
"P.L.", Canton, MI

Garry Greenberg is tough, which you need in a family attorney, but he is not the ogre that lawyers are stereotyped to be. He is tough, because he believes in his clients and believes they deserve to be represented fairly, and not be pushed around by the other party or their attorney. With his vast experience, he understands the law, so he can advocate for you without taking out the big stick. I didn’t know Garry when I was originally divorced and unfortunately I got what I paid for with that other attorney. When my ex took me back to court to challenge my custody and parenting abilities, I hired Garry. With Garry on my side, my ex’s claims were dismissed without even going to court.
"M.D.", Royal Oak, MI
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