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 Garry M. Greenberg, Esq

"Garry Greenberg handled my divorce and has been my personal and business attorney for over 10 years. The level of professionalism and strength he exhibits in and out of court has been a refreshing relief to . . .”
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We both know that you are here to find an answer to a question, and you probably have more than one question. You have probably had that question long before today and you have probably searched for that answer more than one time or in more than one place. My concern is this - did you get the right answer for you? What problem do you need resolved? What problem do you need to avoid? What do you need to make a better life for yourself? The first step to getting the right answer for you is to call and ask your question. This is why I am here. -Garry

The Greenberg Law Firm, PLLC exists to represent and promote the best interests of its clients for any legal issue and to do everything it can to help clients make smart choices. Firm founder and attorney, Garry M. Greenberg, has 30 years of experience representing individuals, families and businesses in their time of need. No matter what issues arise, you need a legal advisor that can help you find solutions and help you make smart choices now for your future. You can trust Garry M. Greenberg and The Greenberg Law Firm, PLLC to find your best solutions and help you make the best choices. With extensive experience in family law, real estate law and business law, you will not find anyone that cares more about your needs or that will represent your interests better than Garry M. Greenberg and The Greenberg Law Firm, PLLC.

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