Garry M. Greenberg

I appreciate that you have gone this far on my website to find more information, but before you go any further, I want you to know that my law firm is not about me, it is about you and what you need to move forward in the best way possible and by making smart choices now for your future.  It is far more important that you have the opportunity to tell me about you and what you need, than for me to tell you about me.  I can't help you, unless I know who you are and what you need.  That having been said, until we have the opportunity to meet, I will give you some background information about me as you expected to find here.  I look forward to helping you.  - Garry
Garry M. Greenberg is the Principal Attorney and Founder of The Greenberg Law Firm, PLLC. Garry has dedicated his practice of law to representing clients to protect them against the legal obstacles that prevent them from living a happy and prosperous life. Garry also represents business owners to protect them and their businesses from the same obstacles that can interfere with the smooth operation and growth of their companies. Garry believes that a necessary element to successfully representing clients is to establish a relationship of trust and full communication in order to understand each client’s particular needs. Every client is different and individual solutions must be found - or created - to meet those needs and to help each client make smart choices about their future.

 Over 30 Years Of Experience

Garry has been a licensed attorney for over 30 years and has broad experience in virtually all aspects of the legal world. Garry is an experienced trial attorney successfully handling client’s legal problems ranging from divorce/custody trials to business litigation to “not-guilty” verdicts in criminal jury trials. In addition to his capacity to protect clients within the court system, in many instances, Garry’s experience allows him to protect clients by avoiding the court system through proper planning.

 Broad Business Client Base

Garry practices family law representing client’s interests in divorce, custody and support matters and has had repeated success with custody matters and “high asset” divorces. In addition, Garry has a broad business client base representing small to mid-size business organizations with a focus on the areas of construction and real estate. Garry’s background also allows him to represent clients in a full range of real estate matters including multi-million dollar commercial transactions to single home residential transactions; foreclosure actions; loan modifications and work-outs; construction law and many other real estate matters.

Raised Locally

On a personal note, Garry was born and raised in the City of Detroit and graduated from Henry Ford High School in Detroit, Michigan. Garry was raised in a diverse neighborhood which provided the foundation for understanding people of all backgrounds and understanding how to communicate with a broad spectrum of people. Garry graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and obtained his law degree from the Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, Michigan.
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