"The Smart Rules in Divorce"

There are many issues to consider in every divorce case and the following "Rules" are some basic matters to consider in every case... and better yet, before your divorce is even started.  Also, there is more to consider than what is just on this list.

1.     Financial Accounts.  Do not open or close any financial accounts.  Do not add your name to someone else’s account or add some else to your account.  Do not deposit money in someone else’s account. Do not change the beneficiaries on ANY accounts (insurance, retirement or otherwise), before discussing it with your attorney.

2.     Social Media.  Close all social media accounts immediately.  If for some reason you cannot or will not close those accounts, you must do the following: 

         A.   make them absolutely private (you think you can, but you can’t);

         B.   do not post anything while your divorce case is active…NOTHING.

       C.    do not join Match, EHarmony, POF (Plenty of Fish) or Ashley Madison or any other online dating service.

3.      Passwords.  Password protect all devices.  Change all passwords on all accounts and devices.  Do not share the password.

4.   Email.  Do not share your email accounts.  Open new accounts if necessary.  Remember that they can be used as evidence and recovered from computers and phones.

5.      Phones.  Please use them for business only.  Stop calling your “friend” at all hours of the day and night and please don’t talk for hours – it is really easy to spot in your phone bill.  Buy a “burner” if you can’t follow this rule… and don’t get caught with it.

6.    Texting.  STOP!  It is that simple. This is the single most common piece of incriminating evidence that people cannot control that gets them caught doing what they shouldn’t be doing anyway – see “Phones”.

7.        Dating.  NO!! DO NOT DATE!  Do not breakfast, lunch or dinner with any prospective partner or take any vacations with your “friend”…, and when you do anyway, please don’t use your credit card or debit card to pay for that “meeting”.   P.S. Do not move in – that’s the same as dating.

8.       Photos.  Do not take or receive pictures while the divorce is pending.  Do not share them on social media (see above) – and remember, body parts are really difficult to explain to the Judge.

9.       Credit/Debit Cards.  Do not use your debit card or credit card for flowers, motel rooms, casinos, plane tickets, car rentals, “burner” phones or cash withdrawals at the Toledo Marriott.  Use cash whenever you can.

10.      Conception.   Do not become a father or a mother during your divorce – two words... real bad.

88.      Be Smart.  When all else fails, ask yourself - do I want to be smart, boring and win, or be dumb, happy (temporarily) and lose?  Please listen to what I said here.  I really do have way more experience than you do with these issues.

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